Insurance Coop Inc.


Workers Comp

Our Workers Compensation program works differently than stand-alone
policies and we are able to keep many clients out of the Assigned Risk
pool and many times can provide companies with rates far below what they would find on the standard market.

Our programs all offer pay-as-you-go workers compensation. That means you do not have a deposit check to write, no advance premiums and no worries about a year-end audit. Our programs provide better cash flow for our clients. Many times all our services are at the same price or cheaper than the traditional standalone comp program.

HR Team

Our programs all include HR support to help Owners get back to doing
what matters most; growing a business, increasing sales and helping
provide a great work place for their employees.


Automated payroll systems offering tax reporting and payments for on time processing of your payroll. Our partners are able to handle processing from the basic to most sophisticated needs of our clients.
• Payroll processing and administration
• Payroll deductions
• Direct Deposit
• Payroll and billing reports available online each pay period
• W-2 preparation and delivery
• Payroll and employment tax processing and payments
• Time and attendance management
• Time clock and POS systems to meet your unique needs
• Download data to Excel and other formats